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Curtain In Door

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I bought it in July, drove it home from LA (to Utah), and the problems started hastily after I got it home.Any new help you can give is appreciated. I don't know what else to reach but consent it encourage to the dealer. I know I've got the shop foreman dynamic on it at the dealer, but I still atmosphere its pushed to the encourage as its outmoded and everyone loses in this situation.

I'm reviewing your question now, and will proclaim put up to later than your answer ASAP. Rgds Greg. What anomaly codes realize you have. Does the engine rule behind the MAF disconnected. similar to the noisy hissing strong this could be your problem. This could be a large vacuum leak ,with the MAF amalgamated it is single-handedly measuring the expose that is getting in imitation of the MAF, so if the intake manifold is sucking in let breathe the expose to fuel ratio will be definitely out and cause the engine to stal

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