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Curtain Express Oak

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Check the hose clips for tightness and examine the trunking for any cracks or splits and as well as all the vacuum system, the small bore pipes and fittings for cracks and missing parts. The best mannerism to locate a leak is to have the engine giving out and hot and later spray lighter gas /propane or brake cleaner approaching each joint in turn. If the engine rev s in the works you ve found your leak.

Might along with be worth checking the wiring and connector to the airflow meter for any signs of corrosion or damage. you can reach a fast deviation find if you unplug the meter and direct the engine without it. if the engine condition is the thesame later chances are the meter or the link to it is faulty. Its afterward worth cleaning the MAF sensor wires, as they can get coated similar to dirt more than era which then offsets the reading. Use some right of entry cleaner or brake cleaner to spray can onto the wires to cut off the dirt upon no account lie alongside the wires later whatever as they are unconditionally fragile

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